The AROMA TEA COFFEE (Tea and Coffee factory) is an importer and manufacturer of tea and natural coffee. Our assortment includes more than 70 varieties of coffee and more than 200 tea types.
We supply the AROMA TEA COFFEE products throughout Russia and abroad.
Importers. We have wholesale warehouses in Russia (Izhevsk and St. Petersburg) with a turnover of more than 200 tons of products per month.
Manufacturers. Our production capacity is over 40 tons of final products per month.
Experts. We have competence center, laboratory and training center in Russia, Izhevsk.
Exporters. We export to 5 countries and ajust products for foreign markets.
Products and services
Grain and grinded coffee. Grain and grinded coffee roasted in a non-contact way in hot air streams.
In our assortment there are espresso mixes, mono-varieties, micro lots, flavored coffee, chocolate–covered coffee - in total more than 70 items to choose from.
Classic teas. We carefully select the best varieties of tea from all over the world. We offer products with the best price-quality ratio. We also pack in retail packaging as well as in seller's brand packaging.
Tea blends. We create unique blends based on various types of tea with the addition of berries, fruits, flowers, herbs and other ingredients.
With tea blends you have an opportunity to create unusual drinks that excite interest and delight with a unique taste. Also we have a line of completely natural teas, without additional flavors.
Herbal teas. We have 100% natural teas without the addition of flavors. It contains only herbs, berries and flowers.
The use of herbal tea is considered as prevention of many diseases. Every tea party may bring benefits for your health!
Invitation to cooperation
For those who love our products and want to sell them outside of Russia, we offer 2 options for cooperation:
The official representative. We are expanding our business and looking for people willing to work under our brand.
You will become a representative of our company and will be able to earn money by selling an interesting product by buying goods directly from the manufacturer.
Our representatives receive assistance from AROMA TEA COFFEE company experts in product promotion and the fastest service among customers.
Wholesale buyer. We offer appealing conditions for wholesale buyers of our products. The goods can be both in our and your branded packaging.
We can help if you want to expand the range of products sold or launch your own brand of tea and coffee.
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